Ho Ho Ho, I Say — Another Uncle John Book For Ye.

Oh looky — another Uncle John’s book to which I have contributed. This one is the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Christmas Collection, which as you may surmise from the title has a bunch of articles related to that wintry festival of toys and Jesus (although hopefully not in that order). I came in on this one as a bit of a ringer, adding in several articles at the last minute. I think the articles turned out well, and in a general sense I have to say this is one of the better-looking Uncle John’s books — it’s got some very nice Victorian-style line art, and a nice layout overall. And needless to say the articles are pretty interesting too. 

Anyway: Interesting and lots of fun. I wouldn’t mind getting it under the tree this year (provided, of course, that I didn’t already have a copy. Which I do).