The Cat’s Going Through an “Arty” Phase

I knew we shouldn’t have let her take those correspondence courses from the Rhode Island School of Design. Now she’s ripping off Klaus Voorman! Shamelessly! Bad kitty! Bad!

More artiness (or lack thereof) here.

10 Comments on “The Cat’s Going Through an “Arty” Phase”

  1. No deadline! I was up because I had finished my page proofs. Really.

    Scott, 5:44 is so 4:12, if you know what I mean, and I know you do.

  2. Cool pix, by the way. I really need to start using my camera more…

    How come no pix of Chrissy?

    (10:48 is when the rest of us start getting up – it’s Saturday for chrissakes…)

  3. John. The cat is engaging in an homage to Voorman from the perspective of the oppressed feline. Don’t be imposing your species-ist interpretation on her artistic expression, man.

  4. Those pics are totally awesome and I am jealous now, for I have a coal-black cat — and such stamp effects leave one with the impression of a black bear in the Black Forest eating a blackberry popsicle. With a side of black.

    [:: sigh ::]