Guess The Theme

Here’s the mix of six songs (~16MB). What’s the theme? Also, if you can get the names of all the artists and the songs, I’ll be impressed.

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  1. Theme: Falling in Love; Early, young love.

    1. Crowded House, (That big hit I can never remember)
    2. Some random Pro-Tools inspired hard-pop band
    3. Billy Idol, Cath My Fall
    4. ?
    5. k.d. lang, Consequences of Falling in Love
    6. Depeche Mode?

  2. Crowded House did record “Fall at Your Feet”, but this version is Neil Finn solo and live from 7 Worlds Collide (the DVD, not the CD, from which this gorgeous song is sadly missing).

    This could be a falling in love theme, but I just think it’s a fall (autumn) set. Nice.

  3. I am useless in this particular endeavor. However! I just yesterday got myself a copy of Old Man’s War … and now that I’m finished with Terry Pratchett’s new one, you’re next in the queue.

    My long-time significant other, who is the world’s cutest and goshdarn pickiest son-of-a-bitch about some things (including the fiction he indulges), picked it up shortly after it arrived … and had to be persuaded to put it down so we could go to a wedding. This is a very good sign ;-)

  4. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

    The theme is “falling” — nothing too complicated. All the titles have various iterations of the word “fall” in them.

    The tracks are

    1. “Fall at Your Feet” (Live) — Neil Finn, from the Sessions at West 57th DVD.
    2. “Fall” — 3rd Degree (a band which no longer exists, at least not under that name)
    3. “Catch My Fall” — Billy Idol
    4. “Falling” — Todd Dorman
    5. “The Consequences of Falling” — kd lang
    6. “The Sun and the Rainfall” — Depeche Mode