More Proof Astrology Is Irrevocably Wrong

I have the same birthday as Rick Santorum.

Man, now I need a shower.  

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  1. You need a shower? The man is my senator. The whole state of Pennsylvania needs to be fumigated.

  2. I had the dubious pleasure of having first Newt Gingrich and then Bob Barr as my representatives at one point. That I now live in Chicago is not a coincidence…

    And yeah, astrology is total bunk…

  3. not the same year though ( I assume) so if you really believed in astrology you’d rationalize it that way. I think one of those hazmat toxic cleanups might be more like it myself.

  4. Claire: Well, that makes sense to me. The German Wikipedia confirms it, so it must be so. All I can say is: holy shit! Gives new meaning to the name Ricky-poo…

  5. Checking my list of author birthdays for the Reader’s Almanac project shows you also share the day with theologian Karl Barth, historian Ariel Durant and self-help author T. Berry Brazleton, which puts you in pretty mixed company.

  6. John–you know that he’s my least favorite of the icky ones, don’t you? My very least. I hate Santorum with a fiery effin’ passion, the kind I haven’t known since back in the day when I was a little more punk rock, a little less hockey mom. He inspires in me the kind of rage that makes me fondly remember the days in which people pulled their small children away from me in malls. I want to jump up and down in combat boots and a studded leather jacket (yes, I still have one) on his front lawn, moshing and yelling and asking him if all he really needs is a trip to the leather store…

    Although, I’d probably look really silly doing that now. So, I’ll just let you know that my birthday is August 6. Great day in history, eh? So I spend all of my birthdays trying to make up for the yicky universal karma. And mi hijo shares the SAME birthday. And I still think it won’t ever help. You know, sometimes people send me (I’m assuming ignorantly) those “On your birthday in history” emails, and I think, ooooh, a pickmeup!

    Still, I think you should wash, several times over. You could always celebrate your half-birthday instead…

  7. Many people in Pennsylvania HATE Santorum. I started the site about a year ago because so many of us want to see him out of the Senate.

    Unfortunately, the old line is true: Pennsylvania is Philadelphia in the East, Pittsburgh in the West and Alabama in the middle. I can’t tell you the depressing number of Confederate flags you see flying in rural Pennsylvania.

    At least Santorum’s polling numbers continue to go down. While I’m not a fan of Bob Casey, Jr (the probable Democratic nominee), he’s at least somewhat rational. A somewhat rational Senator is a big step forward from a completely irrational one.

  8. Re: Santorum:
    “Holy shit” indeed. I mean… the mental image that particular double entendre conjures… I wonder what will happen in a dozen years when Athena looks you up on the WayBack machine and finds this comment thread. (psst, kids are creepy… I don’t need that sort of continuity in my life).

    If it makes you feel better (or worse) you should be informed that Astrology people are interested in a lot more than birthday. Things get more specific and detailed, down to the level where (with modern star charting programs) they’ll want the longitude and lattitude, and time down to the minute that you were born. And “real” astrology people sneer at newspaper sun-sign-only horoscopes.

    FWIW, it’s still BS, but… indicating a dissimilarity to somebody based on your birthday isn’t exactly counter-evidence. Much better evidence would be to walk through the newborn ward of a major city hospital any day, but still there’s the whole thing about the alignment of the stars YOU’RE under, and blah blah blah.

  9. Dude, you think that’s bad. My sis’s b-day is Sept 11. And don’t think it wasn’t damned awkward trying to walk the thin line of ignoring a beloved family member on their special day and really, really not wanting to call up and say “Happy Birthday.”

  10. One thing I’m going to miss about moving out of Pennsylvania is not being able to campaign against Santorum. Oh well, I’m sure Indiana can keep me busy.

  11. If the polls are correct, Mr. Man-on-Dog won’t be around after next year. The Republican Party has even pulled money out of his campaign, he’s so far behind Casey.

    And following up on what Scott said, since you were born in a different year (and if not, damn, you look good for your age, John), all your planets would likely be different. Of course it’s BS, but it’s BS I was fascinated with at age 12 and haven’t forgotten most of it, as much as I’d like to.

  12. I didn’t read all the posts, but I hope this page is a joke. I juat have a hard time believing that there are still people today who actually think Astrology is “wrong”. I mean, we’re deep into the 21st century, and Astrology has proved countless times that it works (especially since the mid-nineties) to the point of making fun of some of the most “credible” scientific minds that used to say otherwise… so, seriously, drop the whole “Astrology doesn’t work” myth. It’s just pathetic nowadays.

  13. Ha, ha, ha. I’m sorry but you thinking that sharing a birthday with someone else makes any solid connection between you and the other person is downright ignorant. If you wish to try and discredit astrology maybe you should actually know a little bit about it first. That way you don’t make a fool of yourself. FYI, the time of birth and geographical location are also required to make an accurate portrayal. So unless you and the other person in question were born on the same day, at the same exact time, at the very same location… you might want to re-research your so-called “evidence” to prove astrology wrong.

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