Uxoriousness, Flickr Style

I have nothing useful to say today, so instead, please feel free to look at these pictures of Krissy.

15 Comments on “Uxoriousness, Flickr Style”

  1. I used to supervise a college kid who always went home whenever his wife had an emotional crisis (for her, minor computer problems resulted in emotional crises).

    So one day I had great fun telling him that he was uxorious. I enjoyed his puzzled expression as he left, and I vastly enjoyed his expression the next day, when he stomped in after consulting a dictionary.

  2. My GOD, Krissy has the most incredible bone structure — and those wonderful, leonine cheekbones. You lucked out there big time, John.

  3. You’re telling me? As if I didn’t know?

    But — you know — don’t tell Krissy. She might trade me in.

  4. But — you know — don’t tell Krissy. She might trade me in.

    I doubt it, considering the trade-in value of used husbands hovers somewhere between cardboard bales and aluminum cans.

  5. I have a tendency toward uxoriousness myself.

    This post serves no purpose except as an excuse for using the phrase “tendency toward uxoriousness,” which is a marvelous phrase, and would be a great name for a blog.

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