The Rock Family!


We’re the Rock Family! Because we rock! Hard and out loud! My hair is a loving tribute to Steve Perry in the Escape era! Don’t stop believin’… in the ROCK! Rock on, brah!

19 Comments on “The Rock Family!”

  1. Uh-oh….Athena….Daddy’s pining for the 80’s, hints of impending break in mental state….I’ve seen this happen and it’s not a pretty sight….could start singing Journey and REO Speedwagon songs without warning….nothing to be done except let the seizure run its course….in worst case scenario will come home from Goodwill with parachute pants and some really really skinny ties. So….just back away slowly from Daddy…now ruuuuunnnn!

  2. I’m sorry, but I believe myself, my progenitors, and my descendants are the one true Rock family.

    Well as soon as we sue the popular comedian out of possesion of his last name.

    I ask that you cease and desist all further references to yourself as the ‘Rock Family.’

    Thanks in advance,
    Pat Rock

  3. Duuuuuude…. you should wear those shades you were sporting at Wiscon and you’d have the Total Rockstar Look :-D

  4. I had a good laugh, heh.

    May I recommend to you a couple of rocking tunes? Check out Children of Bodom’s ‘Hatebreeder’ and ‘Follow the Reaper’. Awesome stuff.

  5. The hair wails out Patty Smith (circa “Easter”) more than Steve Perry.

    Add a sleeveless white undershirt & you’re ready to rock on Halloween.

  6. Funny how John does his tribute just as Journey
    releases a new album and tour…

    Don’t suppose he is using his oh-so-subtle
    internet influence to lure Mr. Perry back?

    Rock on……..

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