It’s not the best picture of Mars you’ll ever see, true enough. But it’s the first picture of Mars you’ll ever see taken by me. As you may or may not know, tonight Mars is as close to Earth as it will be in more than a decade, a mere 41 million miles away, close enough that my telephoto lens had no problem making out the fact the planet is a disk, and not just a point. This is just the sort of thing that makes you want to spend a stupid amount of money on a telescope that allows you to hook up your camera to it, to take even better pictures. But I’ve done all my major spending on myself for 2005. It’ll have to wait. In the meantime: Mars! It’s red and everything.

Fiddle Fiddle

Yes, I’m playing with the look of the Whatever again. Feel free to comment.

Update: 4:24pm: All right, the fiddling is largely completed. Differences you may note will include the picture bar running down the left side of the Whatever and new banner image. Text layout remains the same. To make the picture bar work, I locked the left margin, which means that the left margin will no longer collapse when you shrink your browser window. This means if your browser window is less than 750 pixels across, you’ll need to scroll to see the text. However, I don’t know how much of a problem this will be for people, since most people these days have monitors set to 1024×768 at least. I guess if you are cruising the Internet at 800×600 I’ll say to you what I say to people who complain that the site doesn’t look good in Netscape 4.x: Welcome to the 21st century! We have many wonders here. Please upgrade your online experience accordingly.

Along with this, I’ll note the background image is a 120k download, which may be mildly annoying to people on dial-up. However, if your browser caches, then this will probably be annoying only once. Everyone on broadband, of course, won’t even notice. If you find that all the changes make for an intolerable reading experience, I suggest subscribing to the atom feed (you’ll find it in the right sidebar), which will give you all the text and none of the images (unless I include them in the entry, that is). But again, I don’t really expect the changes will be an issue for most people, as I don’t find them annoying, and when it comes to the Internet, I assume everything is annoying until proven otherwise.  

Again, however, I welcome your comments.