The Most Idiotic Star Wars Review Ever

It’s here, on Slate. How bad is it? It’s so bad that it reads like something from Salon. The writer has confused Lucas’ inability to write or direct, and his absolute disinterest in humans on either side of the screen, with postmodern artistic intent. Bah. The only thing genuinely postmodern about the Star Wars series is Lucas’ own lack of inclination to explain his generally unfathomable artistic choices, or, when forced to explain himself, his choice to do so in the most banal way possible (NB: Jar-Jar Binks: "You know! For kids!").

Lucas had often suggested, in that lackadaisical way of his, that the series would all make sense when it was done. Well, now it’s done and it doesn’t make a lick of sense; with the notable exception of Empire (the episode with which Lucas had the least involvement, in terms of writing and directing), it’s largely crap. Crap isn’t postmodern. It’s just crap.

To sum up: Lucas taking 30 years to squat out a stenchy load on the heads of his fans: postmodern. The Star Wars series: not so much.

As for the writer of the piece, the bio at the end notes he teaches at the University of Georgia. Let’s hope for his sake that he already has tenure. 

Last Day for Subterranean Submissions!

To all and sundry who are sending me mildly anxious e-mails on the matter: Yes, I am accepting submissions for the Subterranean magazine cliche issue through 11:59:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, November 1st, 2005. So, presuming you read this entry before then, you still have time.

To answer the next question: Yes, I’ve been reading submissions, but no, I’ve not made any final decisions yet as to what’s in and what’s not. Folks who submitted earlier and those who submit later are on equal footing in terms of making the final cut. So don’t panic that you’re getting your submission in on the last day. 

Given that from the time I went to sleep until the time I woke up, about 100,000 words worth of submissions dropped into my e-mail box, I see that, like me, lots of other writers will wait until the last minute. Excellent. I’m curious to see how many I get between 11pm and midnight.

Type! my friends! Type!