I’m Being Framed

Apparently, Analog magazine is highlighting the Whatever on its blogs page this month, along with Jonathan Strahan’s Coode Street blog. Since the Analog page jams the Whatever into a dinky space, I guess it’s a good thing I reformatted the site so the design width isn’t a fixed length. I’m always happy to be pointed to, however.

World Fantasy Convention? What’s That?

Before we begin, a picture of a cat, because, well, this is the Internet:

Yes, she’s adorable. If she wasn’t she’d be fired.

Some folks have asked if I was going to the World Fantasy Convention this week, or assumed I would be going. However, I am not. There are various reasons, including but not limited to:

1. I have few hundred thousand words worth of magazine submissions to get through, as well as other work-related nonsense;

2. I’m conserving my conventioneering strength for future conventions;

3. People who like fantasy are, like, total loooooooooosers. Why would I want to hang with them?

The last of these is actually not true, but I will say that since I don’t write fantasy the WFC doesn’t intrinsically have much pull on me, aside from the fact that a lot of my friends will be there and I’d love to see them. But I’m planning to see some of them in the reasonably near future, possibly even away from the convention scene. Yes, conventions are appealing because everyone is more or less on vacation and has time to socialize (and they’re all assembled in one spot, which is convenient). But it’s also kind of like seeing people in a zoo: Not quite a natural environment, if you know what I mean. I’d like friends who I see at cons not just to be con friends. Maybe I’m thinking about this too much.

In any event, the WFC will have to get along without me, as it has, lo these many years. You kids have fun, I’ll just sit here in the dark.