Sunset, 11/03/05


Saying farewell to the sun.  

5 Comments on “Sunset, 11/03/05”

  1. I read the occasional random blog, which is how I came accross your site by hitting “I’m feeling lucky” on Google.

    Most seem to be trite to the point they make your president appear a veritable mental giant!

    Its refreshing to see that you can view the issue of current “Americian” foreign policy as being flawed, but also maintain a degree of objectivity and not descend into rant, cant and dogma.

    You put a good face to the USA

    yours randomly


  2. Your new site design squeezes the margins just enough to cut off the edges of some of the pictures you put up. Just so you know…

  3. Depends on the browser and the display settings (and the size of the picture). Most of the pictures I make no larger than 450 pixels, but this one is 475, so it may clip at resolutions lower than 1024×768.

  4. Nice pic, Scalzi. Liked this one. You have a knack for capturing a moment.

    I’ve been using a photograph you posted eons ago as my wallpaper. The pic is a view out toward the back of your place, iirc. Graceful trees, soft grass, puffy clouds in a blue-blue sky. The photo has a feel of timelessness, of a place out of time. The vibe is the sort I generally get from a Chris Van Allsburg illustration.

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