Returning the Favor

James Winter was a guest blogger in July; he asked me to be a guest blogger for him this month, on Sundays. My entry there is up; it’s me mulling over the fact my PC is three years old, which means it’s near death.

Absolutely unrelated: This is the 1234th entry on the Whatever since I switched to Movable Type in 2003.  

8 Comments on “Returning the Favor”

  1. Happy, er, Cardinal Ordination Post.

    My desktop is pushing either five or six, but still going strong. Though lately I’ve been itching to replace it so I can catch up on gaming, as I doubt it would handle Half-Life 2 or Doom 3.

  2. Mine can handle both, although just barely. Anything beyond this generation of games and I’m going to be SOL.

  3. I am rather glad to have missed ME, myself, although XP looks like a fairly stable version for when I finally do get a new computer.

    Of course, now I’m kinda drepressed that with all of Whatever’s daily readers, I actually am the bottom rung user. But only a little. My little beastie does what I need it to for now. And nowing is half the battle.

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