Primarily of Interest to Family Members

Athena ran about like a silly person today and took photos, including several interesting self-portraitures. You can see the results here.  

8 Comments on “Primarily of Interest to Family Members”

  1. That isn’t your tricked-out super-expensive new camera you gave her to play with, is it? (Not to suggest Athena’s trustworthiness isn’t, of course, bulletproof!)

  2. Heh. No. She’s been warned that touching the Nikon equals instant death. It’s the Kodak, which she prefers in any event (the Nikon is way too big for her).

  3. There appears to be an inherited trait for the taking of self-portraits. Be sure to keep that image handy for the eventuality that she needs an author’s photo on some dust cover.

  4. I’m feeling old at the moment, but that’s related to having a touch of the flu, not a six-and-almost-seven-year-old daughter.

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