In addition to the fabulous book news in the previous entry, here’s another thing to make today National John Scalzi Literary Fabulousness Day — a package of advance reader copies of The Ghost Brigades. Whoo-hoo! And there was much rejoicing. This ARC is of the first pass edit of the manuscript, so there are a few rough spots here in there (one character’s name switches between "Seaborg" and "Seaborn," and there are a few sentences I’ve gone and broken into two, and so on), but damn, this thing looks good. Very pleased. What a good day. I needed one after the spectacularly crappy day I had yesterday, so thanks, Tor and Subterranean.

8 Comments on “TGB ARCs — OK!”

  1. No. Because it’s an ARC, the back page carries publicity information as well (i.e., what the publicity plans are, who to contact, etc). That’s what the bottom half of the back cover is all about.

  2. What is a first pass edit, when it comes to ARCs? I thought ARCs came after the galleys, when the thing was pretty much set in stone, or at any rate type.

  3. You got an ARC before I did? Normally, that would have driven me completely insane. However, since I have mine now, I’m feeling mellow about it. Glad you’re enjoying it so far!

  4. How cruel to taunt those of us who have to wait until the darn book is released for real.

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