La Guerre Du Vieil Homme

Just sold Old Man’s War to French publisher Editions L’ Atalante, who also publishes Steven Brust, Terry Pratchett, Vernor Vinge and David Weber. Groovy. Christmas is paid for. Also, that qualifies as ending the week on a high note. 

12 Comments on “La Guerre Du Vieil Homme”

  1. That is really awesome, John. Congratulations! (BTW, my local library just got 2 copies in- they’re eyecatchingly bright on the New Arrivals shelf.)

  2. If the “stuff” is out of your control why do you become so “conjested”? Even stuff happening within your control shouldn’t arrouse much emotion, no matter how it works out.

  3. Sight unseen, I will trade your week for mine. Today’s the first day in more than a week that I haven’t started seething with anger on waking up, and stayed that way until going to sleep again.

  4. Heh. No, I don’t expect to see it by then. I just know how much I can spend and have it covered.

    Although when I sold the Russian rights, that money came fairly quickly. So you never know.

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