Pointless Early Friday Rant

I’ve been having one of those weeks where the best thing that can be said about it is that it is coming to a close, and the fact that I say this in a week in which I sold a book, received great-looking ARCs of a second, and was delighted by the illustrations accompanying a third book (well, chapbook) should give an indication of just how rankly craptastic other aspects of my life have been over the last several days. Suffice to say that sometimes we suffer for things over which we had no control, and leave it at that. But on the bright side, I’ve learned that I actually can stay civil when I have to, even when some folks (and not at all unjustifiably, from their point of view) are doing their level best to goad me into apoplectic rage. Didn’t happen. At 36, I finally feel mature.

However, the flip side of this is that I now have an irrational and not entirely useful urge to pick a fight with someone — anyone, really — and just whale the shit out of them with logic and/or derision. And that’s really no good for anyone, least of all me, since no one is actually clever when they’re generally pissy, and I regret to say I am not the exception that proves the rule. What I’m saying is that if over the next few days my asshole-o-meter has its needle pegged to the red, please be aware it’s not you, it’s me. Also, please don’t try to pick any fights with me. I mean, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the thought. But it just won’t end happily for anyone, least of all me. The problem with getting into a flame war when you’re already wound up is that it’s never the cathartic experience you really want; you just end up feeling fatigued and dirty. I think I’ll just play Dance Dance Revolution all weekend long instead.

Don’t worry, I’ll be fine by Monday. Or I’ll have had a stroke. Either way, it’ll be resolved.

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  1. You poor guy. I’ve been keeping up with some of that other craptacular stuff and I have to give you all props for handling yourself like the true professional you are.

    I only wish I could say that such feudally corporate muggings of the peasants in the service of the lords are few and far between, but the whole Sony thing has sort of thrown that hopeful wish out the window. That, and Bush’s “rob from the poor to pay off the rich” budgetary dyslexia. I do sometimes wonder just exactly when it was we all collectively walked through that cultural looking glass.

  2. Hey Mr Scalzi, so sorry to hear you have been given grief, and hurray for civility and maturity. Dance dance revolution sounds like an excellent idea. And perhaps some catblogging?

  3. Chill dude, chill. If you were here in Malaysia I’d offer you a solid, smooth, comforting teh tarik drink, but you’re not here. So there.

    Take a rest, it always cools down a man beaten down by a hectic week ^_^

  4. I’d like to help, but…

    the first rule of rhetoric fight club is that you do not talk about rhetoric fight club.

  5. Blame it on the cat. They’re good at taking it.

    Unless of course yours like leaving ‘surprises’ in unusual places, then tempt it with a can of tuna before telling it all the bad of the world and petting a bald spot on it.

    (I’m assuming its an it which is why you only have one?)

    And 36 is no time for maturity! You’re a man, wait until your sixties just like the rest of ’em.

    I’d offer an internet cookie but I’m afraid of Krissy.

  6. However, the flip side of this is that I now have an irrational and not entirely useful urge to pick a fight with someone — anyone, really — and just whale the shit out of them…

    This is why the FSM invented first person shooters. I like Star Wars Battlefront myself.

    …with logic and/or derision.

    Hmm, maybe not. Perhaps DDR would be a better choice as marrije suggested.

  7. You see, my first thought, when I’m feeling like that, is to go see someone like Anita Bonghit, who always seems to help the mellowing out process. But then again, thats me, and I’m a dirty hippie. And really, no one likes a dirty hippie, only the clean cut ones. :) Have fun with your aerobic workout!

  8. It has been a really lousy week – DDR and chocolate and a cat in the lap (probably not all three at once) seems like a good plan.

  9. As it’s highly unlikely I would be snippy at you, Regan, feel free to call whenever you like.

  10. Mature at 36? Oh geesh. I was at least 40. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

    You’ve been the epitome of civility and professionalism. Well done. And congratulations.

  11. “At 36, I finally feel mature.”

    S***, man, at 45 I still don’t feel mature, and I got three kids running around here. I just feel tired.

    It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that the answer to being pissy was to get out and whale at something. Fortunately, a 200-item punchlist of things to do on the house gives me a lotta leeway. Last time it happened, I dug me a 30-foot-long foundation for a stone path. Felt like s***, but the job got done.

    Hope life looks better to you on Monday.

  12. I’ve been curious all week whether you would mention this awfulness in your other online life. Guess you have…obliquely, which is about what I expected.

    Hang in there. Just about anyone with better than half a brain, in reasonable working order, knows that you’ve been outstandingly honest, fair-minded, and mild-mannered this week. Kind of like Clark Kent, really, but I digress.

    If you need something cathartic to do, maybe you can find a fiction character to whale on.


  13. Karen Funk Blocher:

    “I’ve been curious all week whether you would mention this awfulness in your other online life. Guess you have…obliquely, which is about what I expected.”

    Yeah, I don’t tend to cross the streams, as it were. They’re really separate entities. Also, it’s unprofessional to comment directly on certain business issues here. But it doesn’t mean I can’t note my current frame of mind. But thanks. It has indeed been a test of character, as it were.

  14. John

    I’m sorry about how last week was for you. It will be one of those weeks not soon forgotten for how supremely icky it really was. This to shall pass. The following is one of my favorite quotes from my favorite Republican…Abe Lincoln

    “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

    Bet you didn’t think I had a favorite Republican. LOL. Doesn’t happen often, but wisdom is wisdom. Hang in there.

    Always, Carly :)

  15. John:

    My complete sympathy. When I read the initial entry regarding the difficulties, I thought, “This is not good on many levels.”

    Please remember: on this side of the stream, you have friends and supporters who know you do an excellent job.

    Mazel tov,


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