A Shout-Out to All The Childfree Folks Out There

Here’s a wombfruit that justifies every single awful horrible thing you might ever say about sprogs and the breeders who squatted them out. To give some context, it’s apparently a nine-year-old, playing an online game on his XBox, having a fit because his mother won’t bring him chocolate milk. He doesn’t appear to be aware his microphone is on and that all his online buddies can hear him cursing like a sailor — at his mom. It’s Google video, and you really have to experience it for yourself. The "fun" part really kicks in about halfway in.

For the record, if that were my kid, and he ever spoke to me that way, first I would slap him into the next week and then I would make him watch as I smashed apart his XBox with a hammer. However, it wouldn’t be my kid, since the minute something even vaguely resembling that came out of my kid’s mouth, there would be an accounting. Let us grant that a kid doesn’t get like that overnight; he has to get away with that sort of crap for a very long time to get to that point. This is a mom who I suspect deserves to be slapped well into the next week herself. I mean, honestly. I can’t even imagine my child pulling something like this.

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