The Existential Tension of Photography

It is thus:

Sometimes you want to take pictures of majestic clouds rolling across the sky.


Sometimes you want to take pictures of your dog eating leftover chili in the bathtub.



Basic Friend Pimpage

As I’m crawling through your basic wall of pre-Thanksgiving work, a couple of notes on things friends are doing:

1. My pal Nick Sagan, from whom I enthusiastically stole a major plot point of The Ghost Brigades from his excellent book Edenborn, has gone and started himself a blog, which I recommend you all go and visit and book in your bookmarks and whatnot. He’s just getting back from a trip to Portugal (his Portugese publishers flew him out and apparently gave him the royal treatment — I want foreign publishers like that), so give him a couple days to update and whatnot. Nevertheless, he’s a fabulously interesting person so I expect his blog will be as well.


2. My high school friend Charles Keagle is a teacher and illustrator who has a side business marketing his "fluffball" creations — shirts, mugs and etc with his illustrations on them, and he’s asked some of his pals to let folks know he’s out there for their holiday cuteness needs. Consider yourself on notice.  

3. If you’ve not done so yet, go congratulate Cherie Priest. The picture says a thousand words.  

4. If you feel in a self-promotey sort of mood, by all means sploo away in the comment thread.