First Snowfall Photoset

The capricious weather gods have decreed snow for Thanksgiving, the bastards. At least I got a photo set out of it.

3 Comments on “First Snowfall Photoset”

  1. Was going to say that you had more snow than we do until I looked out the window at my 13 year old standing holding a snowball bigger than her head. Hope you don’t have to travel anywhere in this mess!

    Re: Athena – where’s the horsedrawn sleigh and the balalaika?

  2. Ted Lemon – Brattleboro, Vermont – Unindicted co-conspirator, religious nut, and computer geek dedicated to figuring out what works, and not doing what doesn't.
    Ted Lemon

    John, you whiny bastard! There are kids living in Tucson who have never *seen* snow, and you’re *complaining* about a light dusting on Thanksgiving! Get a grip, man! :’)

    P.S. The hat is tres cute.

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