It’s a Sale!

Passing along a note to you from Subterranean Press, and it reads like this:

We’ve just received copies of AGENT TO THE STARS (John Scalzi) back from our distributor, and are able to offer them for just $10 apiece, plus $5 s&h for US orders. These copies aren’t in perfect nick — some have a scuffed dust jacket or a minor dings — but at this price, you can’t go wrong.

Quantities are limited, so please get your order in early. (If you order via our website, mentioned "dinged book" when completing the checkout process.)

As an added incentive, 10% of the price of each copy sold will be donated to Childs Play, the charity that gives video games and other support to childrens hospitals.

I’m on clearance! And oddly enough, I’m fine with this.  

8 Comments on “It’s a Sale!”

  1. I love that Subterranean sells their slightly dinged copies at a reduced rate. That’s how I got Poppy Z. Brite’s The Value of X, even though, after thoroughly going over the book, I couldn’t find a single physical flaw on it. So I’ll spread the word about this.

  2. Well, there was no guarantee of this sort of sale, mind you. Also, they’re technically used. Or something.

  3. sxkitten you might be onto something. Just the other night I wanted to read in the bath and put Agent back on the shelf because it was a limited edition. I think I read Money magazine instead.

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