Thanksgiving Sky

Here’s what Thanksgiving looked like in rural Ohio. In case you’ve been wondering all day long. Here’s a bigger version.   


4 Comments on “Thanksgiving Sky”

  1. It looks quite a bit like the sky in Phoenix, at least it would if you move those white things out of the way.

  2. God! I love your 360 degree sky. I grew up with one just like it, and it makes the soul a lot larger. I live in a city now, and I made sure there was a piece of sky visible from my home. It is nothing like yours. Thank you so much for sharing yours!

    I couldn’t resist posting here, even though I know that I will be the recepient of one or two virus filled spam email.

  3. (testing via a proxy)

    That’s some serious sky! No where in the world seems (to me) to have as big a sky as the US, I’ve never understood that.

  4. You just need a lot of flatness, is all, and the middle part of the country is very very flat.

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