What I’ll Be Doing in 2006

I’ll be writing science fiction, that’s what I’ll be doing, because I just agreed to a new three-book deal with Tor.

Included in the deal: Book three in the Old Man’s War series, tentatively titled The Last Colony, and a new two-book series which I’m very excited about but the details of which I want to keep under wraps for now. Suffice to say that structurally it’s going to provide me a very big challenge, and if I pull off I’m going to feel like the king of the friggin’ universe. No, I won’t tell you more. No!

Well, okay. Two words: dactylic hexameter.

No, no. I’m just funnin’ with you. About the dactylic hexameter, that is. I really did get the book deal.

Incidentally, for those of you who are curious: The Last Colony will indeed be the last "Old Man’s" book for at least a while. You know, until I get hard up for cash and dash off the prequels. I’ve already signed Jar-Jar Binks for those. Hey, he needs the work.

You may ask: What did I get for these books? I would tell you, but then you’d just tell me to shut up. Then I’d say, no, really, but then you’d tell me shut up again. Then I would say, I’m being as straight with you as I can, but you’d only tell me to shut up once more. I hope that answers the question.

Aside from basking in the knowledge that science fiction will be paying my mortgage payments next year, one of the happy things about this deal is that it continues my association with Tor Books. I don’t have to tell people here how pleased I’ve been with the support Old Man’s War has gotten from Tor, and how genuinely nice working with all the Tor folks has been. I’ve been happy to be a Tor author, so being so for three more books sounds like a fine plan to me.

This also means that you all will be getting science fiction from me through at least 2008. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! There’s no escape! Unless, you know, you don’t buy the books. But please don’t do that. I promise to keep them as interesting as humanly possible.

And now I’m off to celebrate. We’re going to Friendly’s! Hey: Six year old kid. Work with me, here.

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  1. What did I get for these books? Never mind, shut up. No, I said shut up. No, really, shut up.

    Yep, that works pretty well.

    Seriously, shut up.

  2. I find a good metric of how lucrative John’s book deals are is to keep track of what toys he purchases. If he gets the Mac G5 with dual cinema screens, we’ll know. :)

  3. Great job on Old Man’s war. Reminded me of the stuff of Heinlein (of course) and Joe Haldeman. Looking forward to the new books.

  4. That is, simply put, fanaweterrtasticsomeific! I look forward to being greatly entertained while I contribute minutely to your future finances. In addition to being envious and inspired, of course.

  5. Hey, that’s fantastic! I read OMW last month and thought it was a gas (and I deeply envy your solution to the problem of FTL drives). I’m eager to check out “Questions for a Soldier,” and glad to know I’ve got more beyond Ghost Brigades to look forward to, as well.

  6. “You may ask: What did I get for these books? I would tell you….”

    You’re doing it pro bono? Shut up! Really, you’re just doing it for the experience? Shut up!! Leaving your work for future generations is all you can ask for, and it would show hubris to expect any monetary compensation for your time talent, and craft? Shut up one more time!

    Congratulations to you! Yay!

  7. wow. writer’s envy is neat! green is the new green.

    congrats, though! it’s not like you haven’t worked your butt off for it. and you know that no one’s gonna be able to come to your comments section and complain about the big advances (shut up!) because you did the books first.

  8. Grats!

    But you can only use Jar-Jar if you promise to kill him off in horribly painful/funny ways that don’t allow him to talk, e.g., Kenny.

  9. Ditto on the congrats! I’m a fan of your Sci-fi books and am thrilled that I now have two more books in the OMW series to look forward to.

    Isn’t there another one in the wings? Android’s Dream? Was that it? You’ve not mentioned that one in a while.

    Chris in NJ

  10. Calnj:

    “Isn’t there another one in the wings?”

    There are actually two upcoming (prior to these three books), not counting Ghost Brigades. Here’s the entire 2006 Scalzi book schedule (so far):

    February: The Ghost Brigades
    July (or so): The “Whatever” Book (title still being worked on)
    October: The Android’s Dream

    There’s also likely to be a second edition of The Rough Guide to the Universe, as so much has happened re: Mars, Saturn, and 10th planets that it’s time for an update.

  11. John Scalzi said: “I plan on having him consumed by starving Ewoks, who then die from food poisoning. ”

    Sigh… I hate typing on a keyboard sticky from spewed cola…

  12. YESSSSSSSS! [accompanied by vigorous fist-pumping]
    More Scalzi for the masses!

    Congratulations, John!

    To Krissy: [wink and nod] Maybe he’s worth keeping for a couple more


  13. You want a REAL challenge? Try spondaic hexameter.

    I look forward to your pulling off this grand challenge, whatever it really is. Oh, and the other books too..

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