Adventures in Nucleation

My stars! What does that maniacally laughing small child plan to do with that Coke and those Mentos? Just you wait!

Shhh. Don’t tell Krissy. 

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  1. PS – some strange doings with your pages. They are coming up bolded and the comments are all underlined…

  2. Yeah, for some reason Firefox 1.5 doesn’t play well with my MT set-up. Like, at all.

  3. Athena was right: That was pretty awesome. Good height.

    I knew a girl who’s family’s idea of a good time was to add a cup or two of water to an empty 2 liter bottle, add a few dry ice pellets, screw the cap back on, and throw the bottle. After a few seconds the pressure of the melting dry ice would cause the plastic bottle to expand, and then to explode. Caused an almighty boom.


  4. This lacks context. How is she using The Freshmaker to think outside the box and defy and frustrate stodgy authority in a trivial and unimportant way?

    – Captain Button

  5. Yeah, it’s good stuff; I like the taste rather better than Diet Coke. I really liked the “C2” stuff too, but apparently I was the only one, since they don’t make it anymore.

  6. Now, for the next version, you need a ring of electronically triggered mento deployers arranged around the top of the bottle, so that all the mentos can be dropped in simultaneously…

  7. Cool! That looks like the kind of thing my dad used to do with us when my mom was at work.

    Which should probably serve as a cautionary tale, come to think of it.

  8. Awesome. At my wedding, the 8-11 year old set figured out a similar trick with those little sugared almond party favors.

    If I’d considered the effect of scale at the time I would’ve grabbed a 2-liter bottle of soda from behind the bar and done that myself. We chemists always love explosions and fwooshings.

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