Over the Wires

A story on my recent Tor deal at SciFi Wire. Enjoy in all its self-referential linkability!

5 Comments on “Over the Wires”

  1. The Masada community? Veeeeery Innnnnteresting. I’m guessing your characters will be put in a situation where they are grossly outnumbered and in dire straits and they have to decide how to deal with survival.

    My rabbi has always spoken out about how the story of Masada shouldn’t be one that Jews are proud of. We are a group of people should be proud of the times they have surived persecution not when we martyr ourselves in the face of it. Or as my father is fond of saying during every holiday ‘They tried to kill us all, they didn’t win, let’s eat”

    I’m intertested to see how you tell this story.

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