Hey, look what shows up when you type “Christmas Specials” into Google. And it’s number two on “Holiday Specials”! And isn’t that every boy’s dream? (In fact, it’s no boy’s dream. Even so.)

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  1. Personally, I find it rockin’ sweet that you have a trackback on the ‘Christmas Specials’ page that’s written in Japanese. Makes me wish I were further along with the language so that I could actually read it….

  2. Of course, now that I actually go to the link, it’s pretty apparent that the post it links to really is completely unrelated to Christmas specials. Enh, whaddaya gonna do?

  3. Or not, and I’m illiterate. Whichever you prefer.

    My first comment would be one where I’m a moron. Excuse me, I’ll just be moving along now.

  4. According to Babelfish, here’s what the Japanese trackback says:

    The hand striking 讃 岐 noodles from deep! ‘ 讃 岐 noodles ‘ today the basis of the basis, is the hand striking noodles. (The hand it strikes and pulls out the noodles this time 4th time, at last… [read more]

    Love them noodles.

  5. Well, I went to TedNugent.com, and alas! the Christmas special is nowhere to be found. Now I’m all depressed…

  6. John H:
    What you have to do is type in “Christmas with the Nuge” in the search page at tednugent.com. You still won’t find anything, but I like imagining the look of confusion on the Nuge’s web master when he sees that come up in his search logs.


  7. Hi, Ted this is Connie,from, Indiana I someitimes listen to Q95 and listen to Alice Cooper. But I stopped listening ,and focused on the Hurrican in the Atlantic, It’s huge tell me what yu think,Just trying to save this fantastic Planet. Read my thread on hurricane,StarStruck7771@aol.com

  8. Ted, you rock brother. i belong to P.E.T.A. (people that eat tasty animals) I look forward to hopefully hunting with you one day.

  9. dear Ted I live in wisconsin around milwaukee.I would just like to tell you I have seen many of your shows around this area.I would just like to tell you Ireally apreciated watching you jam out. I hope you come to the area soon. thanks for rockin dennis

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