Snowfall, With Dog, in Motion.


I should note the night was pretty damn black when I took this picture; this particular picture was both taken with a very long exposure (we’re talking at least twenty seconds) and then fiddled with in Photoshop. Which is to say it is not actually representative of reality. Which was black. Except the parts that were white, directly in front of me.

They say we’ll get about five inches tonight. I also got a phone call from the school automated system letting me know there’s a two-hour delay tomorrow. I’m betting by 6am it gets called as a snow day. Athena, of course, has already declared it such. That irrepressible tyke!

More long-exposed (but not Photoshopped) pictures of the snow (with patented snarky comments) await you here.

8 Comments on “Snowfall, With Dog, in Motion.”

  1. If you keep taunting the zombies like that, you’ll regret it. Or, whatever the I’ve-just-had-my-brains-eaten equivalent of regret might be.