Ice Storm

We had an ice storm last night! And we also ran out of propane. What a lovely confluence of events. I could show you pictures of the Scalzi family shivering, but instead I’ll just show you pictures of the ice storm instead.

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  1. Man, ice storms are my favorite part of winter. I like the way the world looks encased in glass. Hopefully we’ll get one of those in this half of the state before too long.


  2. Ice storms are wonderful until you hear the sound of loud cracking from your lovely tree line, and the house goes dark, and your space heater whirs down to silence, and then you know you are well and truly screwed.

    Damn wires.

  3. Hope the propane truck could get through. A lot of those look like night pictures. Long exposure again? I like the bluish tint the darker ones have. Makes it look colder. Well, feel colder, anyway.

  4. Neat pictures. Your trees seem to be taking it better than ours did the last time we had a major ice storm: two trees were completely buckled over until their tips touched the ground, and the top half of our sweetgum snapped off completely.

  5. Beautiful shots, especially of the trees. Reminds me some of Eliot Porter’s photos.

    And clotheslines absolutely do rule.

  6. Dave Munger:

    “Your trees seem to be taking it better than ours did the last time we had a major ice storm”

    Well, I wouldn’t call what we had has last night a major ice storm — the ice is in the form of fluffy crystals, not actual ice encasing branches and such.

  7. I JUST (Thurs) moved from New Jersey to Austin TX to get away from Winter

    I never liked Winter, I always wanted to do this and these wonderful pictures are a great reminder of how much I really hate, cold, ice, snow and cold. Oh and did I say cold?

    Bless you John for your timely reminder! In Austin it is sunny and 70 and my windows are open. Heaven indeed.

  8. Geek test:

    When you hear the term “ice storm”, do you immediately think:

    1.) Type of winter precipitation, beginning as snow, melting during descent, and freezing upon impact. Commonly causes treacherous road conditions.


    2.) Level 4 evocation spell, dealing 2d8 points of damage per round.

    Alas, I thought of the second definition first.

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