Bragging, Geek Style

Just want you uber-geeks to know someone you know has received advanced review DVDs of both the latest season of Dr. Who and Red Dwarf Series 7.

That is all.

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  1. I have not seen the new version yet, no. I understand, however, the goofy scarves have been kept to a minimum this go round.

  2. Are you talking about the NEW season with David Tennant as the Doctor or last season with Christopher Eccleston?

    If it’s the Eccelston then you really are in for a treat but your gloating is completely lost on those of us in Canada and the UK who have been experiencing a hetro-safe man-love for the new Doctor since last March. If it’s the Tennent, there isn’t a green that adequately expresses my envy.

    If you get CBC or BBC where you are tune in for the Christmas Invasion on Boxing Day.

    And look for the Torchwood (anagram of Doctor Who) spinoff featuring Captain Jack Harkness.

  3. Us evil bittorrent pirates are not jealous either. Posting anonymously because I don’t need MPAA-controlled Daleks after me.

  4. I was going to ask the same question as K. Brown regarding which season you have. I really enjoyed Eccleston as The Doctor, and I say this as someone who has no particular affection for the original series.

    “Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks “Oooh, this could be a little more sonic.”?

  5. Typed “whatever” into the search feature on my Internet homepage and you popped up first on the list. Guess that’s what I get for being so “blase'” and having a “laze-fare” approach. Read all your Dec entries.
    Now, I’ve been turned toward new reading material – yours – and will spend some of the Christmas money earmarked for grand-daughters on some of your stories. Well, “Whatever.”
    Future-Fanly Yours:
    Lew Archer (Not the once-upon-a-time pulp fiction, semi-cult, detective from the 60’s era)(insert grin at this point)

  6. If I were an evil bittorent pirate, I’d still be jealous over getting to watch the 2005 season of Doctor Who at DVD quality instead of home-ripped DivX.

  7. Meh – I used to do voiceovers for a guy whose dad did the audio effects for the original series. So I bask in my elitist utopia… and wonder why no one sends me free review copies of stuff.

  8. I’ve never understand what makes Red Dwarf interesting to people. I thought it was the corny show, and could never get into it. Perhaps I just don’t get it.

  9. Am I glad that I’m living in Europe.
    We get the Red Dwarf DVD’s much sooner than the rest of the world.
    The seventh season while not being one of the strongest is nonetheless very entertaining. And nothing beats “Ace” Rimmer.

  10. Well, the “new” Eccleston played Doctor is great, even if some of the episodes are crap. Watched via BitTorrent earlier in the year, and generally loved it, though I couldn’t understand why The Doctor hailed “the welfare state” as one of humanity’s great achievements.

    As for the Tennant version, that doesn’t come out till Christmas, right? So how’s anyone claiming to have seen it? Curious. As for Torchwood, I’m waiting. I loved Capt. Jack.

  11. I was no big fan of anything after series six. I believe that’s when Grant and Naylor split? The interesting thing is that the novels also went entirely downhill after as well.

    Good news anyway, I guess. Free is free!

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