I Heart Instapundit, Part [Insert Large Number Here]

I suspect Glenn Reynolds should get a cut of my profits. At the very least, I’m going to buy him and the InstaWife a nice dinner when I see them. I suspect I owe a nice dinner to Steve Green, Stephen Bainbridge, Cory Doctorow and Eugene Volokh and their respective spouses/significant others as well. Maybe get them all around the same table. That’s dinner conversation!

As a bit of early logrolling, I will say I am genuinely interested in Glenn’s upcoming book An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths, which at first glance seems like the zeitgeisty sort of book that will cause lots of people to whip out their highlighters to yellow up passages and mutter “so true” to themselves. I also wonder if Glenn himself is the model for the “Goliath” on his book cover. That looks like his hairline.

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  1. Hey, I reviewed Old Man’s War on my site last month…I’m sure the three people who visited the site that month were thrilled.

    Curse that Glenn Reynolds and his 10,000 visitors per hour….

  2. John, you probably do owe him lunch. That’s how I heard about you. Now, that I’ve got that out of the way (making my comment a little bit germane to the post), is subterranean press shipping “Questions” yet?

  3. John, for what it’s worth, I bought your book based upon InstaPundit’s plug. Of course, I loved your book and will buy Ghost Brigade based on your writing. I love your blog. I’m in Ohio too, so it’s cool to see more local blog from a celebrity (are you a celebrity? who knows).

    Cute kid, too, btw. Keep up the great writing and hurry up with GB, I can’t wait!

    John from Toledo

  4. Alright! Scalzi reading the blog makes it four for the month! New record!

    Seriously, it’s actually interesting how many author visits my lowly blog pulls in. I’ve reviewed about 70 books on the site and heard from 5 (now six) of the authors who’ve read the reviews. It is genuinely nice to know that someone finds the reviews helpful and extra special when an author meanders through and comments.

    looking forward to reviewing Ghost Brigades in ’06….

  5. John, sorry for not posting in the proper place but I wanted to just let you know that I was so touched by your being poor post that I came up with my own Irish version. I hope you do not mind and thanks for the inspiration :)

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