Find the Old Man’s War Trade Paperback in the Wild: A Contest


At the doorstep today: The trade paperback edition of Old Man’s War, which looks excellent and smells like lilacs. All right, it doesn’t smell like lilacs, but it looks great and generally I’m extremely happy with it, although if you get it (or get it for someone else), I’d like to add a small caveat: Don’t read the 4-page excerpt from The Ghost Brigades that’s tacked on at the end, because it gives away a plot point I think is better not to be given away. Now, I personally don’t read excerpts, nor know anybody who does, but someone must, otherwise they wouldn’t put them in there. So if you are one of those people, don’t read this one. Trust me. Pass it on.

Aside from this minor thing, the book is gorgeous and will make a lovely gift for the seasonal holiday of your preference. The official release date is 12/27, but as with the hardcover last year, it’s likely to be out a couple of weeks prior, which is to say imminently. Indeed, its arrival is so imminent, that I am right this very second announcing a contest: The Find the Old Man’s War Trade Paperback in the Wild Contest. The contest is thus: The first three people who send me photographic evidence of the OMW trade paperback in the wild will receive my chapbook “Sketches of Daily Life: Two Missives from Possible Futures” signed not only by me but also by Athena, which I figure will make it a super ultra collectible, and also, I know you all like her better anyway. In addition, I promise to mail the winners their prize before the end of the year (or have Krissy mail them, which is what’s going to happen).

The only caveat is that each picture has to be from a different bookstore. Three pictures of the book from the same bookstore will not stoke my monstrous, monstrous ego. You know how it is. Alternately, should you choose to buy the book, you can send a picture of the book doing something exciting, like going to the beach, or performing elective surgery, or making out with Angelina Jolie or whatever. I’m not picky (hint: Go with the Angelina thing. Please.).

Anyway, that’s the contest. Have fun with it, you crazy, crazy kids.

Mail Note

My host provider is having mail issues at the moment (the moment being about 12:30 Wednesday, 12/14/05), so if you’ve sent me mail in the last hour or so, I haven’t received it yet, nor will I be able to until they get it fixed. I’ll let y’all know when that happens. So, no, I’m not ignoring you. Or at least if I am, I have a technical excuse independent of me simply being a jerk.

2pm: Fixed. You may resume your campaign of e-mail harrassment.