Mail Note

My host provider is having mail issues at the moment (the moment being about 12:30 Wednesday, 12/14/05), so if you’ve sent me mail in the last hour or so, I haven’t received it yet, nor will I be able to until they get it fixed. I’ll let y’all know when that happens. So, no, I’m not ignoring you. Or at least if I am, I have a technical excuse independent of me simply being a jerk.

2pm: Fixed. You may resume your campaign of e-mail harrassment.

3 Comments on “Mail Note”

  1. Wow — so if I wait an hour to reply to an e-mail it qualifies me as a “jerk”? What about waiting three days and then answering with a noncommittal two-word response? Not that I’ve ever done that… just asking.

  2. Well, everyone knows i need no excuse to be an asshole. Therefore, manufacturing one just makes it that much worse.

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