Athena’s Birthday Gift To You

Athena turns seven tomorrow, and to celebrate she’s dropping a little tunage on you: A mix of some of her favorite songs (~22 MB). Yes, she picked all the songs herself, and yes, we let her listen to music that has the occasional bad word in it. She’s smart enough not to sing those particular words to herself. In any event, I think most of you will appreciate her eclectic tastes. Enjoy!

22 Comments on “Athena’s Birthday Gift To You”

  1. Cher… Blink 182…
    How do these both end up on any single human being’s list? (Well, they’d end up on a list I made of stuff I would rather skip than listen to) It does seem odd to me, EVEN considering that most human beings are appealled to in more than one way.

    But anybody who’s willing to put a TMBG song in their top dozen gets a bi. So, you’re soon-to-be-7 daughter lives. We’ll visit again at 30 for Carousel.

  2. I wish I could spell correctly the first time… because I hate when people confuse “you’re” for “your”. (See also: how I hate myself)

  3. Dear Athena,

    I hope you had as much fun posing for the pictures as your dad had playing with them.

    May you have a wonderful birthday!


  4. If the RIAA comes knocking, I’ll give them the stats for the downloads and tell them quite correctly that if they had a simple way for me to pay the statuatory fee, I would, but since they don’t, why don’t they tally it up and just let me pay it now. I have no problem paying; there’s just no obvious mechanism to do it. I wish they would make one, because then I’d make a lot more playlists.

    However, aside from that there’s a reason I encoded it in less-than-pristine 96kps and as one single file with overlapping tracks rather than multiple files; it makes it less attractive as a pirateable entity.

    Of course, what I really wish is that all y’all subscribed to Rhapsody, so I could have created this playlist there for you and you could have sampled it that way. But for some reason most of you haven’t yet clued in to how useful that particular music service is. A pity, that.

  5. Happy Birthday Athena!

    Any chance we could get a list of the songs? Some of us aren’t very musically literate. If not, no worries. Thanks in advance.

    And rock on about science. Science kicks ass!


  6. The list of songs:

    “Wouldn’t it Be Nice” — The Beach Boys
    “Date With the Night” — Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    “Shut Your Mouth” — Garbage
    “People are Strange” — The Doors
    “Believe” — Cher
    “Why Does the Sun Shine?” — They Might Be Giants
    “It Don’t Mean a Thing If it Ain’t Got That Swing” — Girls From Mars
    “Blitzkrieg Bop” — The Ramones
    “All Star” — Smashmouth
    “What’s My Age Again” — Blink-182
    “Cruel to be Kind” — Letters to Cleo
    “What Happened to You” — Offspring

  7. Actually, I think the greater cognitive dissonance is having both the Ramones and Cher on the same album.

    All in all, though, a very ubeat, fun mix. Tres cool, Athena! Happy Birthday!

    BTW, when are we getting the sequel to “Becky & Brittney Go to Camp”?

  8. Happy Birthday Athena! I always enjoy it when people use their birthdays as an opportunity to give everyone else a fun gift.

    Oddly enough, I think almost half of the songs on the playlist live in my car already, though they’re spread across a few different mixes. I’m not sure if this is good or bad though…

    Have a great birthday and a great holiday, Scalzi family!

  9. Athena: The fact that you chose a Ramones song in that mix fills me with more joy and hope for the future than I can properly express.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday from a perfect stranger.