Whatever Best of 2005

Athena’s birthday today, followed by Christmas, followed by a week where I catch up on pay copy that I’ve promised people by the end of the year, equals a pretty good chance I’ll be scarce here through the end of the year. Of course I said that last year and then wrote two entries a day for the last week of the year. But, you know. Humor me.

Should I actually not post in any significant fashion through the end of the year, I bid you sustain yourself with this list of notable Whatever entries for 2005, arranged chronologically:

Athena’s First Story
Covenant Marriage is Stupid
The Problem With Parents
Laurence McMillin, 1923 – 2005
What Publishing Is
What My Jesus Would Do
Writing in the Age of Piracy
Revenge of the Sith: The Long Form Review
Oh My God! They Look Just Like Us!
Cracking the Flag-Burning Amendment
Being Poor
Things to Know About Clones
A Note on the Day of the Passing of Rosa Parks
The Document No One Knows About
Useless Atheism
The Editorial Process, Revealed, Kinda
How Not to Plagiarize
Standing Up for Dubya, Such As It Is
Christopher Robin is Out There in the Woods
Science Fiction Outreach

That should keep y’all busy.

If this is the last you see of me in 2005, have a festive seasonal celebration of your preference and a felicitous new year. And if I pop in again, well, actually, all that still stands. Because. You know. I’m not going to repeat myself.

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