Found in the Wild


We have the first spotting of the trade paperback of Old Man’s War, in the Elk Grove, California Borders. Jeff Callahan here wins a copy of a short story chapbook of mine, signed by me and Athena (although to be clear, I wrote the stories). Congratulations, Jeff! I have two more of these chapbooks to give away to others who find the book in the stores — although remember the Elk Grove Borders is now officially off the list of eligible places. And remember the book is officially released next Tuesday, just in time to take advantage of all those holiday gift certificates.

For those of you vaguely concerned that I will turn the Whatever into a 24/7 pimp zone for the trade paperback of Old Man’s War: I probably won’t. I figure most of you all know it’s out there. Full-scale pimpage won’t occur until February, which is when The Ghost Brigades hits the stores. See? I’m giving you plenty of time to run away.

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