Found in the Wild


We have the first spotting of the trade paperback of Old Man’s War, in the Elk Grove, California Borders. Jeff Callahan here wins a copy of a short story chapbook of mine, signed by me and Athena (although to be clear, I wrote the stories). Congratulations, Jeff! I have two more of these chapbooks to give away to others who find the book in the stores — although remember the Elk Grove Borders is now officially off the list of eligible places. And remember the book is officially released next Tuesday, just in time to take advantage of all those holiday gift certificates.

For those of you vaguely concerned that I will turn the Whatever into a 24/7 pimp zone for the trade paperback of Old Man’s War: I probably won’t. I figure most of you all know it’s out there. Full-scale pimpage won’t occur until February, which is when The Ghost Brigades hits the stores. See? I’m giving you plenty of time to run away.

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  1. Regarding TGB pimpage: Are you going to be selling signed copies of _The Ghost Brigades_ as you did with Agent? I’m buying a few copies either way, but would definitely sign up early for a signed copy as a gift for my father if you offer them.

  2. I live in Elk Grove, California and that Borders is around the corner from my house. Borders is also the ONLY bookstore in the entire “city’ of Elk Grove (but that’s anothere rant).

    I’ve seen the hardcover there before, but alas, not the soft cover. Then again, to be honest, with the chestnuts roasting and the maids-a-milkin’, I haven’t had the time to look.

    Freaking awesome!!!!!!

  3. Borders in Elk Grove? But they give you Cancer!

    (I work at the B&N at Arden Faire. Yes, We badly want to build a store in Elk Grove. No, I don’t have serious animosity towards Borders…)

  4. As an aside, John may or may not be surprised to learn that there are now only three bookstores in Fresno (and one of those is Fig Garden Books; nice folks, but half the story is knick-knacks). The other two are Borders and Barnes & Noble, both located in far, far north Fresno where the richer folks live. It’s nice to have two big stores, but B&N used to be in mid-Fresno with easier access for the rest of the city.

  5. Yay, B&N wants to come to Elk Grove. I think you would do wonderfully here. Borders is always packed day & night. They just renovated it and I think its a great Borders. But I do like B&N better, I just HATE HATE HATE that parking lot at Arden Fair.

  6. I think it’s now a furniture store. You can’t buy a new book south of Shaw now (and really, if truth be told, south of Herndon). Both of the bookstores are now in an area called River Park.

  7. I think it’s the Elk Grove city council stopping things. Our District manager lives in Elk Grove and wants to make a store there his office. He’s _motivated_…

    I also hate parking at Arden Faire. At Christmas time they make employees of the mall park over at Cal Expo. They bus us back; but not all the way over to the market square area. It’s more than a bit sad…

  8. John: I bought Old Man’s War in a Books-a-Million in Burlington, NC on 12/21. Dang, didn’t even know that the contest was going on, and so I don’t have a picture in situ (went back to Illinois), but I do have the receipt if you’d like me to fax/scan it for proof.

  9. What a trip…I was testing a google search on my blog and just typed whatever. For “whatever” reason I hit one of the links which brought me to your site. The funny thing is I live in Elk Grove, Ca too. So I guess “It’s a small world.” applies to the WWW as well.

  10. “B&N used to be in mid-Fresno with easier access for the rest of the city”

    I don’t think I’d call the old B&N on Shaw and Blackstone easy access … that parking lot held about 15 cars, as I recall. So now I’m trying to remember what bookstores there were before Borders and B&N. And I can’t think of any. Maybe 3 bookstores is an improvement for Fresno. Of course, this excludes bible stores, of which there are at least a dozen.

  11. There was a bookstore in Fig Garden (or at the very least was one when I was in Fresno between ’91 and ’96).

  12. I just would like to know if the employee’s at the Elk Grove Border’s store are happy or disgruntled ? I have always had a positive experience at this store, but after reading some blog posts ‘ it looks like some Border’s employee’s don’t like their jobs. Could it be the outdated retail credo ” the customer is always right?”.