It’s Not Easy Being Spoiled


Athena, with her new harmonica, performing her now classic “I Got Dem ‘I Unwrapped All My Presents And Now I Got Nothin’ Left to Unwrap’ Blues Again, Mama!” Truly, a lament many children can get behind, right about now.

Merry Christmas!

10 Comments on “It’s Not Easy Being Spoiled”

  1. Yup, I’ve seen our dining room on several Christmas mornings look just like that.

    We’re all older, so now we tend to open our gifts on Christmas Eve. The focus tends to be on DVDs and books, though I got Jim more kitchen gadgets (a really big roasting pan), Jim got me something electronic (a photo-printer), and we got Leslie video games and her own gourmet dipping oil.

  2. Its really nice to see a kid with “cool” gifts, such as the harmonica instead of all that overpriced crap that kids want today.

  3. She got six books, actually (including one that is actually the first three lemony snicket books). Overall she got a good balance of useful things and useless crap.

  4. Just give her a little sibling next year, so she too can learn the Christmas joys of being the neglected and underappreciated child.

    Yeah, like *that* could ever happen. You’re like the blogger gold standard for doting daddy.

  5. My 6 year old got a lot of cool crap and one of my vendors gave me a harmonica that I added as a stocking stuffer. This was the absolute best gift! We had to create a “No Harmonica Zone”!
    Who knew?!!!

  6. I think my sister and I have finally admitted to ourselves the truth about Christmas — anticipating the day is actually marginally better than the day itself. The enjoyment lasts longer.

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