Just So You Know

I did a small bit of fiddling with the Whatever design. Comments, etc can be left here.

Also, and unrelated: A review of The Ghost Brigades here. The review is generally positive and calls the book “a pageturner with surprising emotional rewards”, although the reviewer is a little annoyed that I drop in a bunch of cool ideas and then just keep chugging along without going into great detail about them. This is a not invalid criticism, although I suppose I’d rather have too many ideas in a book than too few. In any event, the reviewer’s hope that I’ll do more books in the universe will be fulfilled, for at least one more book.

14 Comments on “Just So You Know”

  1. The left-side pictures are fine. I like the glowing Whatever in the header, but the grey subtitle is utterly unreadable. Maybe drop it to beneath the Whatever against an appropriate background?

  2. Dude, you live with some gorgeous ladies. Likewise, I live with the two hottest dudes on 2/4 feet.

    Just curious… did you make any pies this year? I’ve got some new recipes for you.


  3. Wonderful new pictures on the left bar! Looks like you’re really getting into the “new” camera, and it’s paying off!

    On a somewhat related note, a question I’ve wondered myself sometimes. Do you feel that you’re becoming a better photographer just through the constant use of the camera?

  4. Jeff:

    You shouldn’t be seeing a grey subtitle at all. I was wondering how you were, but then I noticed I forgot to take that stuff out of the archive pages. It’s fixed now.


    Indeed I made a pecan pie (based on your recipe) for Thanksgiving, and then just for fun a did a similar pie without the pecans — all butter and brown sugar, basically. It was heart-stoppingly rich.

    Wild Waldo:

    I do indeed feel I’m becoming a better photographer by using my camera a lot; it gives you a feel for what the camera is capable of.

  5. Do you feel that you’re becoming a better photographer just through the constant use of the camera?

    That’s how most people become better at anything. It is also why I think digital cameras will help make most people better photographers since it doesn’t cost $4 per 36 shots (or $8? I haven’t bought film retail so long…), people are more likely to “practice”.

    Heck, I’d even be halfway passable at writing comments if I did it more frequently.

  6. Oddly enough, both this time and the last time you changed things, Safari showed me the old layout first. (Cached, no doubt.) I had to command-refresh to see anything different.

  7. I love the glowing “Whatever” (and the font too).
    I also like that the pictures are all following a theme (for the most part).
    I agree with catnapping — it feels crisp.

  8. I love the new winter pictures. They all blend together in theme, and are also very beautiful.

    Your last set of pictures were interesting, but distracting to the writing, which is what I’m here for.

    Great Job!

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