Old Man’s War Trade Paperback Officially Out

All of you who have said to yourself, “Gee, I’d like to buy Old Man’s War, but that hardback is too damned expensive” — your long nightmare is over. The trade paperback edition of Old Man’s War has now officially hit the shelves. Mob the stores! Or get it online in the usual places.

A reminder to those of you who do pick up the trade edition: Don’t read the excerpt of The Ghost Brigades in the back; it spoils a fairly minor but still nifty plot point that I think you’d rather not have spoiled for yourself. I mean, read it if you want. It’s your life. I’m just sayin’, is all.

10 Comments on “Old Man’s War Trade Paperback Officially Out”

  1. My local privately owned book store does not carry any of your titles. Otherwise, I would have picked up a copy this month as I’ve blocked out some time for some less technical, for-pleasure reading.

    I never think to ask them about it, but just check the authors I can *remember* when I go there. (Why is it that as soon as I see a row of books my memory of the authors I wanted to consider dries up until I’m left with “Uh, S-something and that Gibson guy”?) Afterwards, I remember that I did not see “Scalzi” amongs the other S names.

    Actually, I’ve been trying to read more books from the library lately, as I’ve reached the limit of the number of paperbacks or hardcovers I can stuff in this apartment.

  2. Well, it’s well known that if you bought the hardback you automatically ascend to heaven at the rapture. So at least you have that.

  3. Well, it’s well known that if you bought the hardback you automatically ascend to heaven at the rapture. So at least you have that.

    Does it count if you bought it for someone else, or do you need to actually have a copy with you when the Rapture comes?

  4. You know, I hate to say this, but I’m not really the final judge when it comes to these Rapture things. I’d buy a copy for yourself, just to be sure.

  5. I’m gonna strap mine to the front of my car like a little figurehead, just in case.

    And for those in the know, it’s just as good as those ‘In case of Rapture, this vehicle will be uncontrolled” bumper-stickers.’

    “See that hardcover Old Man’s War?”
    “We would do well to get away from that car, in case the Rapture strikes and we’re not chosen. Since, of course, we’re on our way to a local bookstore to buy our own copy… it would be a shame to die in a car-wreck now, wouldn’t it?”

  6. You know, I didn’t want to say anything about it before, but I know this guy who knows this guy who says that he’s seen the hardcover of Old Man’s War perform miracles. He says that he saw this guy touch the book, and a second later, he was transported into the future. By about a second. Or so.

    Man, that’s wild.

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