Daily Archives: December 28, 2005

Variation on a Theme

James Nicoll is playing a riff off my “gateway science fiction” thread, to see what works from other eras could be seen as gateway SF — which is to say, the science fiction you’d give to people who haven’t read science fiction before. Get the details of Nicoll’s quest here.

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I Require New Music!

You know what? I was thinking about writing about my favorite album of the last year when I discovered it was actually released in 2004. Naturally I find this lapse terrifying coming from someone who until recently reviewed music as part of his income stream. It may also be indicative of 2005 being a suck-ass […]

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The Chicago Tribune’s Take on the War

Via Instapundit: The Chicago Tribune takes a look at the Bush Administration’s rationales for war and whether those rationales had merit (registration required). It’s a mixed decision, from the point of view of the Trib: The administration pushed its weakest argument (the weapons of mass destruction) and didn’t properly promote its strongest arguments (that Saddam […]

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