Fun, While It Lasts

In addition to the recliners, another thing we got ourselves this holiday season is a new mattress, to replace the one we currently have. It arrives in about a week. The one we’re getting is apparently made of space age miracle fibers or something, and it’s arguably the most expensive thing we’ve bought that we can’t live in, drive in or attach to a network. So we’ve informed Athena that once it arrives, the days of jumping on the bed are over. But the good news is, until it arrives, she can jump on the bed just as much as she wants.


She didn’t have to be told twice.

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  1. And here I thought your blog was safe to read with my kids in the room …

    In our house, it’s not enough to invoke the ‘no jumping on the bed’ rule. We need a separate ‘no jumping’ rule for each and every piece of jump-on-able furniture in the house (and then some – our monkeychild is remarkably creative when it comes to finding work-arounds for pesky, fun-deflating restrictions).

  2. Do keep us posted on the mattress! I sprung about $600 for one several years ago–the first piece of grown-up furnishing that hadn’t been pre-owned or curb-plucked. I’m realizing that my investment ain’t all that and look longingly at mattress ads for such as what you’ll be resting on soon. The mattress jumping does come to an abrupt end once they reach a certain age or weight. I can’t tell you which. Mine are 12 and 14, and I can’t remember the last time I saw a mattress jump (well…the occassional hotel…but that’s why you pay ridiculous sums to stay in places that are not particularly comfortable). Anyway…looking forward to the product eval from Family Scalzi.

  3. At close to 40 years of age, I cop to still jumping on the mattress from time to time as I come to bed after a long night of blog-hopping, usually in a playfully childish attempt to disturb and unseat my already comfortably prone husband and whatever he happens to be reading/eating/futzing around with.

    I will say that more often than not, it’s actually more of an exaggerated occillation or “Fe Fi Fo Fum” giant stomp than bona fide trampolining. But that’s just because our mattress set had less spring than Dick “Lon” Cheney’s step and sits directly on the floor instead of perching more flexibly in a bed frame.

  4. Something they don’t tell you about really good mattreses–you’ll never be comfortable again on another bed, even if it’s a pretty good one for hotels/spare rooms/air beds.

    Just a warning.

  5. Puppy didn’t stop jumping on our bed until he got too tall to do so without risk of serious brain injury.

    Now, instead, he starts running at the far end of the room (our house is a Cape Cod and our room is the whole upstairs–so there’s a bit of a runway), builds up lots of speed, jumps vertically and flops on the bed to see if he can bounce me off.

    He can.

  6. Our big purchase next year will also be a mattress. Husband is a light sleeper, and any movement I make wakes him up. Even move-my-hand-to-scratch-my-chin-type movement.

    When/if you do review your new mattress, we will be fervently hoping for a mention of how well it dampens transfer of movement.

  7. Futons have the lowest inertia transfer of all mattresses because they are a solid slab of cotton. It does not get any harder. Foam varies with quality just as spring matresses do. Air mattresses are a bad idea cause they are heat sinks, pulling the warmth right out of you. Water beds are a different matter all together

  8. That photo is now officially our New Years Day 2006 desktop background.

    What a fun little chickadee is Athena!


  9. Actually, John, I’m thinking that maybe you should let Athena jump on the new one once. After she sinks waist-deep in it and you have to winch her out of there, she should be cool with not jumping on it anymore.

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