The Recline of the American Family


For Christmas, Krissy got us his and her matching recliners, which have just been delivered, and as you may see here are sufficiently wide for our inevitiable capitulation to the middle-aged flabination (actually it’s not inevitable, but it’s nice to be prepared). And they match, in a color that is somewhere between maroon and burgundy (maroongundy? Burgoon?).

Add these new chairs to our daughter’s previously-purchased tyke-sized recliner, and you’ve got a family waist-high in repose. Now we may all enjoy recumbent big-screen TV pleasure! All we have left to to do is to construct the conveyor belt from the pantry and fridge, and we’ll be set. Let the flabination commence!

11 Comments on “The Recline of the American Family”

  1. They look very snazzy, but for family viewing I still say nothing beats the good ol’ Giant Couch. By myself I can lay down on it; with my wife, or wife and baby, we can cuddle up or lie across each other in all sorts of combinations that make TV vegetation just seem more, well, social.

  2. The couch has the added bonus of being more comfortable when you fail to go to bed at night.

    But maybe responsible adults don’t have that problem as much as I do…

  3. Ah, yes — we just purchased our first new recliner (not quite as burgoon as yours — more like a ruby/maroon cross. Rubroon? Whatever), and the cats have already staked it out as Their Chair. And then I fling them across the room when I want to read.

    And the little chair for Athena is totally adorable.

  4. The next thing you need is a mini fridge that can double as a side table ‘tween the two recliners…

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