Daily Archives: January 3, 2006

How The Blogoverse Ends

So, the bad news is, according to this, I end my days homeless and pigeonholing passersby in increasingly desperate attempts to get their attention once the Internet collapses. The good news is, all my online friends are there with me. Go me!

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Photoshop as Time Machine

Author Cherie Priest, whose Flickr-based exhibition streak is even wider than my own, recently posted a set of potential book jacket photos which feature her in a really excellent dress of the sort that you’d see on an ingenue in an MGM musical. So I fired up the Photoshop and gave one of the photos […]

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I Write a Lot Here

I was curious just much I wrote for the Whatever in 2005, so I checked. Leaving out July, in which this space was taken over by my lovely and talented guest bloggers, and not counting what I wrote in comments, I wrote about 220,000 words here in 2005. To put this in perspective, the two […]

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