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I was curious just much I wrote for the Whatever in 2005, so I checked. Leaving out July, in which this space was taken over by my lovely and talented guest bloggers, and not counting what I wrote in comments, I wrote about 220,000 words here in 2005. To put this in perspective, the two novels I have coming out this year, The Ghost Brigades and The Android’s Dream, are about 95,000 and 110,000 words respectively. Or to put it another way, Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded will be about 100,000 words, which means the amount of space I will have to cram in six years, three months of Whatevers will be half that of what I write here on an annual basis. Get the shoehorn.

Now, I don’t think you can extrapolate from last year for the entire run of the Whatever; back in the old days, I would skip a couple of days here and there. But if I had to guess, I’d say I’ve probably written somewhere in the area of 800,000 words here since I started in September of 1998. This means that at some point in 2006, probably October-Novemberish, I’ll have written a million words worth of Whatever entries. Which are a lot of words to devote to any one thing.

Writing 800k worth of words takes time, and so here’s an interesting question to consider: Did the time I spend writing Whatevers take away from time I could have spent writing books? Between 1998 and right now I’ve written five nonfiction books and four novels; add those babies up and you’ve got probably another 800k worth of words. One could make the compelling argument that the opportunity cost of writing here over the last several years has been equivalent to nine books I could have written but didn’t.

Fair enough, but I can think of two counterarguments to this. First, I’m not entirely convinced that the time I spend writing here would be entirely transferred to writing books if I weren’t writing here. Of those nine books I written so far, six were written since 2002; that’s two books a year. This year I’m putting three books and a new edition of an older book in the pipline. So, you know, I’m already spending quite enough time on books, thank you very much. I do this to no small extent to get away from the bookwriting. It’s either this or Half-Life 2 deathmatches, and as much as I enjoy using a gravity gun to flatten some pimply 14-year-old’s online avatar with a toilet, deathmatches don’t do anything else for me other than stress relief.

Which brings us to the second counterargument, which should be familiar to most of you by now: Of those nine books that I’ve written, six — including all four novels — were sold either directly or indirectly because this site exists, and the three books I’m writing this year are also directly or indirectly related to this site. So rather than being an opportunity cost, this site has been an net opportunity benefit, and it’s been an 800,000 words well spent, given the rate of return for my book-writing career.

Now, just between you and me, I’d like to believe that one way or another I’d eventually have sold my books and novels, even if I’d never bothered to build this site. But that alternate reality would have required a lot more organization and motivation on my part. So, really, it’s hard to say. I’m just happy that in this reality, my farting around here has had serendipitous results.

That’s 600 more words, incidentally. Well, 604, now. Actually, 607. 609!

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  1. I agree that this site has been a benefit for you. I’ve bought both Old Man’s War and Agent to the Stars, and I’ll be buying The Ghost Brigades when it comes out. If I hadn’t stumbled upon this great site a year or two ago, I would probably never have read any of your books unless my (small town) library eventually got some.

  2. There’s a quick way to test the theory that the Whatever is a net win. Just tell your publisher or your agent that you’ve decided to stop posting in favor of writing more books, and watch the looks on their faces.

    Every independent content creator has two jobs: creating their content, and marketing their content. Doesn’t matter whether it’s movies, music, or microcode, you’ve got to find your audience and then sell your audience. If you’re smart, you also need to get feedback from your audience, so that you can better craft your offerings to their tastes. There’s a word for independent content creators that don’t market. It’s “amateur”.

    Rant over. I spend too much time around software guys who have built a better mousetrap, and can’t imagine why the world hasn’t beaten that proverbial path to their door. The Whatever seems like a perfect vehicle for pitching your books. It’s certainly why I bought OMW and am eagerly awaiting The Ghost Brigades.

  3. I’ve noticed that the more I blog, the more I also write fiction. I don’t know what the interrelationship is, exactly, but if the result is that I keep writing, I’m good with it.

  4. Do you think that blogging has “primed the pump” so to say for your other writing? A long time ago Jerry Pournelle was journaling (he isn’t a fan of the word blog even though a case can be made that he had the first one) about writing and said that writers write. So do you think your posts help your writing because you are writing, or do they take up words that you could have sold?

  5. Kevin:

    “Do you think that blogging has ‘primed the pump’ so to say for your other writing?”

    Possibly, although cranking out text has never been a problem for me. In addition to the 800k words each for Whatever and book writing, I’ve probably cranked out a similar number of words for other writing projects in the same timeframe (remember that up until this very year, most of my income came from business/corporate writing and other freelance work). I’m pretty much never not writing.

    As I mention in the main article, I don’t really think these words are taking the place of words I could be selling, because regardless of the undeniable usefulness of Whatever, this site is play for me, and I would need play of some sort to stay happy. What is important is not to play too much when I should be working.

  6. I can’t believe you play Half-Life Deathmatch! That’s awesome. Have you made any posts on Whatever about the game? What map do you frequent? What’s your take on spawn killing? Screen name? Favorite weapon? So many questions… shouldn’t there be more gamers visiting the site of a science-fiction writer? Why isn’t anyone else jumping on this?!

  7. So many questions… shouldn’t there be more gamers visiting the site of a science-fiction writer? Why isn’t anyone else jumping on this?!

    I’m going to go with “because most of us prefer not to be crushed by (presumably) falling toilets.”

  8. Never underestimate the positive effect on your efficiency from a little down time. Maybe without the Whatever, you’d have written fewer books (ok, probably not, but maybe they wouldn’t have been as good…)

  9. Another benefit of Whatever, John, is that we , as surfers on the great Intertron, are able to step off of the neverending bitstream to read your opinions and posts.

    Always thoughtful and well-reasoned, sometimes ironic and usually having a bit of fun, I thouroughly enjoy reading your site. I may even pick up one of your books if I can pull myself away from this key/surfboard.

    Oh, I’m also a gamer but have yet to run across a toilet-flinging enemy in any of my deathmatches. Spawn-killing sucks but spawn-killing with flying toilets must be especially emasculating to the killee.

  10. No way to make this fit the topic…I found your book {OMW} at the local library. Perhaps uninteresting aside from that my local library would be the Barbara Bush Library in Houston Texas. I wonder if she knows what horrible things you have said about her lil ‘W. If his domestic spies find out and tell her…I fear it will be secretly pulled from her shelf and sent to an undisclosed detention center until you stop sponsoring terrorism (you now…by gossiping about the Bush family and all their troubles).

    Barb isn’t just short for Barbara…someone learned them boys how to finagle good. Sure weren’t that no-account husband of hers. Don’t get stuck by the Barb…it won’t heal.

  11. In my previous comment, this sentence:

    “Always thoughtful and well-reasoned, sometimes ironic and usually having a bit of fun, I thouroughly enjoy reading your site.”

    could be describing me while I’m reading your site, but I really meant it to describe your posts and opinions on your site. English really is my native language.

    PS – I’m a different Kevin than “primed the pump” commenter Kevin, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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