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This morning I had a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone for breakfast. Because who’s gonna stop me? Exactly.

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  1. My great-aunt was convinced that my mother was going to doom me to a life of ill health and obesity because I was allowed to have a raspberry hot fudge sundae for breakfast once when I was 15. Oh wailie woe, oh despair!

    My mom said, “Raspberries are fruit. Fruit is good for you. I think I’ll have one, too.”

    I believe I read something about peppermint being good for the digestion.

  2. Salving your secretly hurt feelings over the Nebula recs with ice cream? I whole-heartedly approve.

    Besides, a guy needs his calcium.

    Personally, I prefer French Vanilla for ice cream. Anything more elaborate is gilding the lilly.

  3. Harry Connolly:

    “Salving your secretly hurt feelings over the Nebula recs with ice cream?”

    Hey, you know, two people actually recommended the book, and it’s two people I’m pretty sure I don’t actually know (I’d have to check the SFWA Forum to confirm). I’m just happy people like the book.

    Anyway, I don’t need an excuse for ice cream. Mmm… creamy.

  4. Elayne Boozler (one of my favorite comics) said that one of the great things about being a grown-up is that you can have birthday cake for dinner every day.

    And now I have “Dad is great! He gave us chocolate cake!” running through my head. Thanks, Erbo.

  5. Being an adult is awesome.

    I may have just had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, although if I’d had mint chocolate chip ice cream (the best flavour, period) around, I would have done that.

    Or maybe taken two large cookies and put some icecream between them. If anyone has ever done that, they know it’s delicious (and not as messy as you might think).

  6. I had batter-dipped bacon-on-a-stick fried in butter this morning for breakfast. The fresh buttermilk ranch dip made it extra special. My wife is a cardiologist. She doesn’t seem to mind me eating what tastes good.

  7. Is mint-chocolate chip ice cream a guy thing like seasonal affective disorder is a guy thing? I mean it’s delicious because it’s ice cream and I’ve never tasted crappy ice cream, but all the people I know who consider it their favorite are guys. Likewise, all the sufferers of SAD are men, especially smart men. (I realize that in throwing in that last bit I’ve invited all you guys to claim a new affliction.)

  8. Uh, it’s my favorite flavor, so I’m thinking no.

    Because who’s gonna stop me?

    “John, I know you’re a smart man, so why are you eating ice cream for breakfast?”

    Wife agro, man. It KILLS.

  9. Awesome! I had Amy’s Breads Black & White cake for dinner, with a big glasss of skim milk (My convoluted way of thinking says that the negative calories of the skim milk act like anti-matter to matter on the positive calories of the cake…

    Right? Right?

  10. Harry:

    I know you were kidding. Sometimes I answer kidding questions seriously. Just to mess things up.

    Look! More ice cream!


    Depends on whether it was my ice cream she was eating.

  11. That’s it. I’m heading into the kitchen to lay a slab of pound cake into a bowl and top it with a couple scoops of French Vanilla.

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