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Someone alterted me to this new award: The Lulu Blooker Prize, in which print-on-demand publisher will award 1,000 bucks in three categories for books based on blogs or Web sites. The suggestion was that either Old Man’s War or Agent to the Stars would probably be eligible for award consideration. I certainly agree that they would, but since Cory Doctorow is one of the judges for the award this year, I would feel hinky about submitting. After all, a blurb from Cory is prominently displayed on the hardcover dust jacket of OMW, and he’s also a personal friend of mine. This would not suggest either book would be a shoo-in, merely that if one of my books did win, unneccesary questions about favoritism could be raised. Better not to submit this year, then.

However, you should submit, if you have a book that started out in blog or Web site form. Go to the link to learn more. They’re accepting submissions through the 30th of this month, so you still have time to get something in.

8 Comments on “Blog-to-Books Award”

  1. Ah, man…I have a book that I wrote on my blog last year, posting a chapter or two a week, but it hasn’t been published yet, so I’m not eligible.

    Oh well, there’s always next year. :D

  2. …unneccesary questions about favoritism could be raised…

    Hell, John, this is Bush’s America. Cronyism and corruption are all the rage! Go for it!

  3. It’s the combination of Cory blurb + Cory being a personal friend that cinched it for me, actually. I think one in itself would have been fine, especially considering there are two other people as judges.

    To be entirely honest, I’m absolutely sure Cory would be impartial. But I don’t want the appearance of impropriety to be an issue.

  4. Damn. My book is certainly eligible, but I’m definitely not sending three copies of a $50 book on the off-chance I might win.

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