Selected Creatures from the Athena Collection, With Artist Commentary

“He’s just a mixed up monster. Because he has crab arms, and an oval body and he has two ears that are, like, from an animal, I think? Is that right? Yeah. Probably a dog sticking up its ear, only it’s not pointy. He’s a monster, he destroys towns so his ears are always up because he’s angry all the time. Well, he’s not really angry, he’s just really mean.”

“He’s two-headed, and they both have one leg to make two. The one on the left has really big eyes and is really freaky looking, and the one on the right side is really freaky too, but you can choose which one you like better. I think I like the first one better, because he’s cooler looking, but the one the right looks dumber, doesn’t he? There’s a little town in front of them, it’s so small that you can’t even see it, and they’re mostly just that kind of monster.”

“A boy thinks this little girl is cute, and you can see little hearts coming from him, and I made an arrow so you know who he’s in love with, and then he walks over (but I didn’t put that on the board), and she turns HUGE and has razor sharp teeth and eats him! It’s really cool in the picture. Because she’s a monster, she was just in disguise. She has a little button to push her big and small and to disguise her mean eyes and razor sharp teeth. The boy will just live in her stomach and then he’ll turn into poop. You can fall in love with this girl. Just don’t get near her.”

“Which one is your favorite in all of them?”

20 Comments on “Selected Creatures from the Athena Collection, With Artist Commentary”

  1. Jeez, I think I dated that last one back in college.

    Not a “which I like best,” but I think I’d be least afraid of the two-headed one. Can you imagine those two cooperating enough to actually walk? Me neither.

  2. I definitely like the last one best. Pretty damn terrifying and more interesting social implications. I would know to run away from the other monsters but the girl monster implies that you can’t trust anyone, even the one you love the most. Veeeerry Sc-c-c-c-caaaaarrrryy!

    When is the movie coming out?

  3. Y’know John, my tastes tend more toward impressionism than they do toward realism, but that last drawing really spoke to me.

  4. “The boy will just live in her stomach and then he’ll turn into poop. You can fall in love with this girl. Just don’t get near her.”

    This is brilliant. She was born goth, wasn’t she?

  5. I got totally misled about the last monster… I’m trained to think that sizing mistakes are always problems of perspective. So boy was I amused when it turns out that it was a problem of a resizing button.

    But ultimately, I’m going to have to go with the first monster on account of its highly angry eyebrows.

  6. I have to go with the “The boy will just live in her stomach and then he’ll turn into poop.” as well. Never have I seen the dance of Man and Woman rendered down to its ultimate truth so clearly.

    That’s wisdom beyond its years that is.

  7. The third picture is awesome. Tell Athena it’s a stunning deconstruction of the playground myth of boys pulling the pigtails of the girl they like.

    Alternatively, just tell her she’s awesome.

  8. The third one is the best thing ever. Because really, don’t all girls want to turn boys into poop sometimes? I know I have.

  9. Ok, excuse me for getting all teacher-child-development dorky here, but these are interesting pics. Certain aspects of them are pretty advanced for a what? Six year old? Like the teeth that work their way around the mouth and the different types of eyes that make different expressions. Interesting.

    That said, I think my favorite is the two eyed monster. The dumb one and the scary one!

  10. The last one makes me sad, because I’m pretty sure that’s how most of the world thinks it works. In social situations, thinking makes it true.

    I love the mouths though, with teeth going all the way around. A very prevalent image in fiction, like the sarlaac (sp?) in Return of the Jedi and the worms on Dune. I always thought Charybdis would be like that too.

  11. Dane, who did you fall in love with?

    Fav? I like the ‘dumb’ head of the second one. The second one is also the one I fear the least.

    The third one would be fearsome, but fortunately, I’m not in its line of fire any more. I did encounter one of its siblings, though — the one with the tentacles which operate like Rugen’s machine from The Princess Bride.

  12. So that’s the picture that goes with the supper conversation! I think I like the last one–just because the story is so great.

    Also, as soon as I learn to make socks, you get a pair. They might end up day-glo green and lopsided but you’ll get a pair.

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