TGB in My Hands

My author copy of The Ghost Brigades. Excellent. Got it right from the editor while I was at Tor, where I had lunch and spent time chatting with Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Irene Gallo and with Tom Doherty, and also had a long, useful chat with my publicist Dot Lin, who is super-cool. In all, a fine experience in the Tor environs. They should do tours.

15 Comments on “TGB in My Hands”

  1. I’m really looking forward to reading this! I just bought Old Man’s War, and read it in a week. OMW was gangsta! :)

  2. I’m trying not to hate you just a leetle bit right now, from pure, whiny, green-eyed jealousy. But instead of pouting about it, I will now go back to writing violent zombie attack scenes to work out my frustrations ;-)

  3. Cherie, don’t be jealous of me because of this. Be jealous of me because I stood in the same room as the totally awesome artwork for your upcoming book. Man, that painting is sweet.

    Elizabeth: Yes — I was sent e-mail from some folks about it. Congrats to you too for being on the list as well. All around it’s a pretty solid list.

  4. So, maybe I’m focusing on the wrong thing in the picture, but perhaps someone should put pictures into that frame. Unless the Pier 1 insert holds happy memories. (The book is cool, though.)

  5. Way to go, Mykal. I had just got done telling Shara that no one would notice the lack of pictures. Thanks a LOT.

  6. Sorry John, but the first thing I noticed was that the book was standing in front of empty picture frames. One of us was bound to say something eventually.

  7. It’s a promotional thing Tor has going on with the Sci-Fi Channel. Every month they pick a book to be part of the “Sci Fi Essentials” line. You’ll have to ask John if it significantly boosts his sales. Hopefully so.

  8. Congrats. I also just finished reading OMW and am eagerly anticipating TGB. In fact, I already had a trip to the bookstore planned when I discovered that is isn’t available yet.

  9. Oh, glee! I can hardly wait. But I can already hear the groans from the local library staff. Between the great stuff that you and Scott Westerfeld have been putting out, the “patron request” review board is getting a wee bit tired of seeing my name pop up on their screens, since I’ve been on a bit of a crusade to get them kitted out with both you guys’ booklist.

    Of course, as soon as they catch up I’ll be moving on to Cory D and Neil Gaiman, among others. They are shamefully understocked with newer sci-fi. It’s quite possible that only my upcoming move back to the East Coast this next year will save me from waking up one day to find a bloody library card reader in my bed.

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