Daily Archives: February 2, 2006

Ook! Ook! Ook!

So, you know why I like doing the By The Way blog over at AOL? Among many other reasons, it allows me an excuse to do silly pictures like this one: The picture was created for this “Weekend Assignment” — which of course, I heartily suggest you participate in. Anyway, sometimes I can’t believe I […]

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I’ve Got a Boehner

How’s this for conflicted: My representative to Congress, John Boehner, is going to be the next House majority leader. So on one hand: Not really my first choice for my personal representative (not like I have much choice, mind you, since he’s running without any real opposition this election cycle), and I’m all for making […]

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Boskone Schedule

For those of you going to Boskone, here’s the schedule of panels and appearances I’ve got going for me. I have eight thingies going on, so, uh, you apparently won’t lack for opportunities to see me blather on. Eight events is a lot, but frankly, I’d rather be busy than not. Otherwise I’d just sleep, […]

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The Return of Beer in Space

Here’s a little blast from the past: “Beer in Space,” a three-panel science cartoon I made with my pal Richard Polt a number of years ago. I had the idea of doing an astronomy book illustrated by him (and featuring his characters Benny the Stick and Beniy the Spider) and this was a sample, based […]

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