The Return of Beer in Space

Here’s a little blast from the past: “Beer in Space,” a three-panel science cartoon I made with my pal Richard Polt a number of years ago. I had the idea of doing an astronomy book illustrated by him (and featuring his characters Benny the Stick and Beniy the Spider) and this was a sample, based on an article I wrote for the Fresno Bee. I had it up on the site for a while, but then it went away, as did most things prior to 2003. But now it’s back, in (slightly) improved form — I fiddled with the graphics files to make them a little clearer. I think the text is more readable now (although some of you may still have to squint for the text on the last page). Sadly, we never got the go-ahead for this particular astro book. But I got one eventually, so I guess I’m okay.

The images will pop up when you click the links below.

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10 Comments on “The Return of Beer in Space”

  1. That reminds me of a local strip that used to run in my hometown called ‘BatStick’. It was one of the most enjoyable comics I can remember. I look forward to more Beer in Space.

  2. You might want to change the links from .html to .jpg … also, link three points to the first strip again.

  3. Funny stuff, Mr. Scalzi. I also find myself strangely enlightened. Vast clouds of alcohol in space? Cool!*

    * I might take this as proof of the existence of God if I were more of a drinker than I am. As it is, I drink only enough to honour the memory of my Scots-Irish ancestors. Always with great reverence, of course.

  4. Not to be a nitpicker, but as a chemist, I have to take exception with your description of ethanol… it’s actually a fairly simple molecule, all things considered, and it has a hydroxyl group, not a hydroxyl radical. They’re pretty different things.

    Otherwise, very cool stuff. :)

  5. I assume someone has told you that the fraternity brothers in strip two bear a striking resemblance to the alien frat boys in Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

    Do a GIS on “athf frat” to see what I mean.

    My dad owns a dealership!
    Drink Pledge!