Hate Mail is Done!

Another one done: Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: Selected Writings from “Whatever,” 1998 – 2005 is off to the publisher. Here’s the (tentative) chapter listing for this one:

Introduction: Decoding Hate Mail
1.  Disclaimers and Declarations
2.  Waiting for Athena
3.  America’s Funniest Elections
4.  Jesus Loves You, Some of His Followers Maybe Not So Much
5.  Let’s Get Fictional, or, Thank God Satire is Fair Use
6.  Kicking the Confederacy When It’s Down
7.  Imprudent and Incompetent: Our Last Two Presidents
8.  9/11 and Everything After
9.  That Was the Millennium That Was
10.  Civil Rights? That’s So Gay!
11.  I Blame the Parents
12.  Money or Lack Thereof
13.  We Paid Our Quarter, Now Dance Like a Monkey: Reader Request Columns
14.  The Junk Drawer, or, The Chapter of Misfit Entries

At the moment it clocks in at 99,300 words. Excellent.

Two books down for the year! Now come the books I actually have to, you know, write in order to get them done. Inconvenient, that.

12 Comments on “Hate Mail is Done!”

  1. You get to publish hate mail and get paid for it. Wow. I mean, that’s like the best form of justice ever.

    If you had ever approached a publisher and said, “Hey, I have all these critics who are a bunch whining bitches and I want to publish their criticisms as a book,” said publisher would laugh you out of the building.

    But internet trolls? That’s gold!

  2. John, do you think this book will be available in Malaysia?

    I’d love to get a copy of this book, and salivate over it while mumbling, “My precious…” in front of my (justifiably) confused friends.

  3. Mauvelous is. Oh Canada I had to cut for space.

    Wan: You can probably have it shipped there, but it seems unlikely you’ll find it in the bookstores there.

  4. With all the work I put into your AOL column, I at least deserve a chapter… if not an outright dedication.