Daily Archives: February 6, 2006

SFRevu Review of The Ghost Brigades

SFRevu got a look at The Ghost Brigades and the reviewer seems pleased, calling it “An outstanding new work from an emergent author,” which is nice, aside from the fact that now I feel I should be fighting my way out of a cocoon or something. The other paragraph the Tor publicity department will no […]

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Prioritizing the Idiots

People in e-mail have been asking me what I think of the whole thing about fundamentalist Muslims getting stupid over a dozen cartoons of Muhammed, but aside from the rote observation that being a religious fundamentalist of any stripe means you are rather more liable to get stupid than not, I find I’m rather more […]

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Norwegian Wood

Athena wanted to sleep in the bathtub, for reasons that are opaque to anyone over the age of seven. We didn’t argue, although we did make her promise not to take a bath in her bed. So overall everybody got something out of it. How did the Great Bathtub Sleeping Experiment of 2006 go? About […]

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